Testimonials – Relaxed, calm, peaceful, lighter

Testimonials – Relaxed, calm, peaceful, lighter

Testimonials - Relaxed, calm, peaceful, lighter

Peace and Calm

A few Testimonials for Cheryl @ Vibrant Life Aromatherapy:

“Cheryl is a wonderful therapist and lovely person so having a treatment with her is a wonderful experience. She has such a gentle and caring nature which makes you feel calm and nurtured.

We really cannot imagine being treated by anyone kinder.

She also teaches Reiki, Subtle Aromatherapy, CPDs and our organic Spa treatments for us here at The Aromatherapy Company. Cheryl shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for holistic health willingly and that makes everyone feel relaxed and confident which is so important in providing good education to therapists.”
Louise Carta and Joanne Woodward of The Aromatherapy Company,(www.thearomatherapycompany.co.uk)

“I really enjoy the Swiss Reflex treatment which is very relaxing and at the same time helps my body to rebalance. Cheryl is a skilled practitioner and I would whole-heartedly recommend this treatment to anyone who has a busy life.” Business woman, Staffordshire

“A wonderful way to wind down! I always feel totally relaxed, calmed, enriched and uplifted after my aromatherapy treatments which are tailor made to suit my needs. A truly holistic experience in the capable hands of Cheryl.”
NHS employee

“A really enjoyable facial, very relaxing, just what I needed.”
Business woman, Leicestershire

Comments from Reiki Students:

“The training Cheryl gave was interesting, absorbing, well-paced and meaningful.”
Susan Langridge, Reiki 1, July 2011

“I have found Reiki 2 not only invaluable for my work as a holistic therapist but also to use in everyday life with friends, family and cats! Cheryl calmly guided me through Reiki level 2 learning and was also there for me as a support in the following weeks.”
Lisa Murphy, Holistic Therapist, Reiki 2, March 2011

Comments from YMCA Residents where Cheryl worked every month for 6 years giving treatments to young people:

Aromatherapy Evening with Cheryl Finch at Burton YMCA:

On July 24th 2013 Cheryl Finch came in to do treatments for YMCA young people. She had done a fundraiser previously at Re-Connect which allowed her to be able to do this event for us. We decided to do two separate evenings and this is a report of how the first one went. I booked several young people in on the evening and all left feeling a lot more positive and lighter in spirit. It was really quite amazing to see the stress levels reduced after a half hour treatment. This is the young persons’ feedback, in their own words.

Female 1– Back Massage.
Before: Stressed, annoyed, upset, sad and depressed.
After: Positive, confident, relaxed and stress free.

‘ AMAZING, Didn’t want it to stop and really want it again. I’d love to do what Cheryl does and give people who are going through a tough time a boost.’

Female 2– Reiki.
Before: Tense
After: Relaxed and at ease.

‘I felt like I was in a jungle, getting lost and listening to birds. I’d definitely benefit from regular treatments as I stress a lot and never relax. My baby feels more relaxed and peaceful. Cheryl offered me advice on natural remedies too for my pregnancy.’

Female 3– Reiki.
Before: Nervous, emotional, stressed, also had bereavement stress.
After: More relaxed and lighter. Less emotional and a bit more in control of emotions.

‘I got given advice. It has helped me relax and I’d never afford anything like this. It would be so beneficial and useful as a regular service.’

Male 1– Scalp, shoulders and neck massage.
Before: Lumpy, bumpy, stress and irritable x6
After: Ironed out, better, relaxed.

‘It wasn’t just relaxing it was bloody brilliant. I feel better. My shoulder was injured and it feels less painful. I would do it again and again. I wanted to fall asleep and that never happens.’

Male 2– Back massage.
Before: Skeptical. Tense
After: Suprisingly relaxed.

‘I feel a bit HIGH. WOW. It was different and i really enjoyed it. I didn’t release how tense I was before.’

Male 3 – Back massage.
Before: Worried about everything and the future.
After: Tired, relaxed, comfy, peaceful and calm.

‘Everybody is always hyped up at the YMCA. If we had this regular it would chill people out more. Nobody is peaceful here and this has brang peace and quiet.’

Male 4 – Back massage.
Before: Extremely stressed, anxious, upset, angry, on edge, depressed, unbalanced.
After: Dizzy, euphoric, peaceful.

‘I can’t stop smiling, I feel alive for the first time in months, and I feel like I’m walking into fresh air with a clear mind. I can’t even explain as I’ve had so much stress the last few months. Thank you so so much’