Tamara Energy

Tamara Energy

Cheryl and Tamara

In May 2012 I received a Tamara Energy Activation from Tamara Noriko Kato, the Japanese founder of Tamara Energy.

Tamara was born in 1949. She became a Reiki master in 1997 and gave Reiki attunements to over 100 people thereafter. Many people reported uniqueness in her energy.

Through her own approach to healing and by practicing lymph massage, she became certain of the positive effect of her energy on other people’s health and well-being.

Soon after, she began seeing people’s past lives and was able to do clairvoyant reading. When she became clear about her mission in life, she founded “Tamara Healing”. Since then, Tamara Healing has spread in Japan and in many other countries.

Tamara is a an energy that supports our lives in any situation. It encourages us to progress towards positivity.

By receiving a Tamara Energy Activation, this extremely subtle energy will spread entirely into your being and to become your own energy . When you make an effort or hope to achieve something, it will naturally support your positive actions.

When Tamara energy combines with your own energy, your thinking and actions will shift to be more positive. It will then liberate your true character and actualize your innate abilities. When you are trying to be strong or willing to strive for the best, Tamara supports you boosting your feelings and empowering your motivation.

When used in healing, Tamara empowers your innate ability to soothe diseases and injuries.
It will strengthen endurance and enhance your homeostasis.
It will also strengthen your mentality to overcome stress and difficulties.

Tamara is a great “gift” to support you throughout your life.